I’m in love with love. From the first angsty stories that I penned in middle school, romantic relationships have always been my focus. I love bringing all of those emotions to the page, and I especially love to explore how characters connect emotionally while they’re connecting physically, if you know what I mean! My favorite characters are ones that look like you and me and our neighbors and the people we smile at on the street as they go about exploring life, love, and lust. What I hope to deliver to my readers are stories that are realistic, dramatic, sexy, emotionally satisfying, romantic, and maybe a little bit boundary-pushing at times.

Outside of writing, I’m a Jane of all trades who’s done everything from retail sales and merchandising to working on the Amazon Alexa! I currently live in Michigan with my husband where I write, freelance edit for other romance and erotica authors, and try to write sitting on my sofa with a dachshund (who you can see on my Instagram feed!) always under my elbow. I’m an introvert, and I’m much shyer than you’d probably guess from my social media feeds, but I always love to hear from readers.